Made Closer in The Guardian

Very pleased to see an article on 23/12/14 online at The Guardian that mentions and links to Made Closer. Enjoying a nice spike in traffic today. You can read it here:

Why would MySQL crash when WordPress attacked?

WordPress brute force attacks are increasingly common at the time I write this – September 2014. Recently a server I look after was coming under attack and then after a few minutes the site would display ‘Error establishing a Database Connection’. When I logged into the server the MySQL service wasn’t running. My first thoughts were that… Read More »


It is a good idea to use MySQL with sql-mode = NO_ZERO_DATE,NO_ZERO_IN_DATE (among other options) If the NO_ZERO_DATE flag is not set, MySQL will allow ‘0000-00-00′ in date and datetime fields. This also allows the silent conversion of invalid dates to this zero date as well. You probably don’t want to find zero dates being… Read More »