How to install CodeIgniter with Composer

Run the command below to install CodeIgniter via Composer. This may be useful if GitHub has an outage and you can’t download a zipped version of the source. composer require codeigniter/frameworkcomposer require codeigniter/framework You will then need to look in vendor/codeigniter/framework for the usual folder structure. We all have days like this one:

Refresh browser on file change with MacOS

Here is a relatively simple solution to automatically refresh your active browser tab when any file in a directory tree changes. It works on MacOS but you need to have a little file monitoring program called fswatch installed via Homebrew. Step 1: install fswatch with the following command. brew install fswatchbrew install fswatch Step 2:… Read More »

Best place to search buying a car privately

In 2016 where is the best place to search if you are looking to buy a car privately? I carried out a little bit of research – searching in a 30 mile radius for a Volkswagen Golf, here’s the results: Site Trade Private AutoTrader 293 23 Exchange & Mart 74 1 Gumtree 83 68 eBay*… Read More »

Using ngrok to access multiple homestead sites remotely

ngrok can be used to provide access to a local homestead or vagrant site remotely i.e. to a client. You need to use header rewriting to work with the homestead configuration, the syntax for using a single site looks like: ngrok http -host-header=rewrite If you have multiple sites then you will need to use… Read More »

BMW 1 Series (F20) boot light fuse

I wanted to charge the battery on my BMW 1 Series (F20), the battery is in the boot so charging it meant the boot would have to stay open. The boot light felt pretty hot and I couldn’t find a way to switch it off. Knowing that the boot would probably have to stay open for… Read More »