Stop postfix from sending email for testing

This applies to CentOS 6. You may want to do this when testing some code and you’re not sure if it is going to send emails or not. Edit /etc/postfix/ Add following lines at the bottom: myhostname = localhost mydomain = localdomain inet_interfaces = $myhostname, localhost mydestination = $myhostname, localhost.$mydomain, localhost mynetworks_style = host default_transport =… Read More »

Sublime Text – British dictionary for spelling

If you want a British English dictionary in Sublime Text 3 for spell checking, choose Preferences / Settings and add the following line: “dictionary”: “Packages/Language – English/en_GB.dic”

Running Laravel on Vidahost subdomain

Running Laravel 5 on a shared host subdomain (I use Vidahost) is a little daunting because Laravel requires the web root to point to the /public folder and generally with a subdomain the website root is the root folder that is created for you. My solution was to create a subdirectory in the subdomain root… Read More »

The Grid – Launch

I’m excited that my founder membership of The Grid has just been enabled. I’ve only spent a short time using it so far but it’s making WordPress feel ancient. The Grid uses AI to design the site according to the content and changes that design with time.

Windows 10 connect to Mac on local network

In 2016 it should be easy to move files between two computers on the same network. However it took me a little bit of time to find out how to do this with Windows 10. I was hoping it would be a case of enabling sharing on the Mac, finding it in the Network list… Read More »