Datatables jquery plugin – sorting date with JSON data

Datatables is powerful but the documentation can be confusing in places. If you want a column to sort on a date one option (of many) is to have a formatted date to display to the user and an integer timestamp to use for the sorting. Here is some JSON that could be used to create this var… Read More »

A great WordPress theme for Bootstrap 3

If you are looking for a clean WordPress theme that uses Bootstrap 3, I can recommend Bootstrap Basic. I had an issue when I first installed it so I raised it on the support forum and the author immediately made some changes and released a new version.

Adding a custom hover event to a morris.js donut chart

Morris.js is a lightweight and relatively simple JavaScript charting solution compared when compared with some of the others in the sector which have lot of options. However with that simplicity comes a lack of documentation. Adding a custom hover event to donut chart Here’s some HTML which adds a visible label element (like you get… Read More »

CodeIgniter 3.1 Blog example

I was recently asked to complete a coding test to create a basic blog. I decided to to use CodeIgniter 3.1 (yes – it’s not dead as was widely reported a few years ago!) as I’ve been doing a bit of work with it recently. My source code is available on BitBucket if anyone is interested… Read More »

CodeIgniter set_select default value

The CodeIgniter documentation is vague on how to set the default value in a select tag when you are using the form helper. There’s a third parameter to the set_select method that’s a boolean. I recommend using something like the following code snippet: <select class="form-control" name="email"> <option value="">None</option> <?php foreach ($emails as $option): ($option ==… Read More »