I’m currently working freelance so if you are interested in hiring me then please feel free to get in touch.


I have been a software developer for all my professional career, for the last 23 years I’ve been a web developer.

Positions held include:

Senior developer for a mobile app development company building APIs used by an app in the US e-prescribing sector.

Lead developer for a start-up called The Rainbow Chain, a very varied role which involved creating a bespoke eCommerce marketplace.

Lead developer for Nethouseprices which at the time was the UK’s leading site for free sold house prices and had traffic of 800k visits (6M page views) per month.

Web developer for Connells the UK’s largest Estate Agency with sites that had traffic of up to 600-800k visits per month.

Further back I was a senior developer within the Santander group of companies (Abbey National).

I like to think I’m fairly language agnostic – in my time I’ve used (in date order) Pascal, COBOL, Visual Basic, Perl, PHP, JavaScript and C# (ASP.NET). I feel it is important to have worked with a variety of languages so that you can appreciate the strengths and weaknesses of each.

I currently specialise in PHP, MySQL, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and Linux.

Sites I have worked on include:

  • surgicalroboticstechnology.com
  • ascperformanceacademy.org
  • usailbda.com
  • ingeniamc.com
  • honestjons.com
  • fchancoxfoam.co.uk
  • midweekbreaks.co.uk
  • corporatebreaks.co.uk
  • businessfocusnetworking.co.uk
  • andrewsimpsonyachting.org
  • andrewsimpsoncentres.org
  • emmacoatesaesthetictraining.co.uk
  • skinhealthsolutions.co.uk
  • bike4bart.com
  • trailblazerun.com
  • andrewsimpsonfoundation.org
  • bartsbash.com
  • www.celeramotion.com
  • www.prestige-system.com
  • www.zettlex.com
  • www.amarinth.com
  • www.westingourmet.co.uk
  • www.madecloser.co.uk
  • www.earth-products.co.uk
  • www.therainbowchain.com
  • www.ultimateluxurychalets.com
  • www.sportsorthopaedicspecialist.co.uk
  • www.connells.co.uk
  • www.sequencehome.co.uk
  • www.nethouseprices.com
  • www.nethouseauctions.com
  • www.propertypod.co.uk
  • www.jameshay.co.uk

Things don’t stand still with the web so some of these have now been rewritten, redesigned, taken over or retired. You may be able to find them with http://archive.org/web/.

Feel free to contact me at richard@willis-owen.co.uk.