Brief review of responsive jQuery event calendar plugins – Sep 2014

It was hard to find a decent, active, jQuery event calendar plugin that was responsive so I’ve shared my research here.

FullCalendar seems to be the default choice for putting an event calendar on a website at the moment – but it isn’t responsive so no good for me. It’s late 2014, time for mobile first folks.

Calendario looks very nice (maybe overly styled), the last change on GitHub was six months ago and there are 7 open issues dating back by nearly a year, so I think it is safe to say it isn’t being actively developed at the moment.

Kalendar is free, but you are meant to link to the JavaScript file on the developers site instead of hosting it yourself. The documentation is basic – it doesn’t show how you can add an event to the calendar once it has been rendered, and the appearance – although flat and minimalistic – didn’t appeal to me.

kalendar jquery plugin

I finally settled on Responsive Calendar. I think it looks great, it scales down for mobile devices and you can add events once the calendar has been rendered. It also integrates with Twitter Bootstrap. It is free for non commercial use.

Responsive Calendar

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