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Here’s my very basic research into current PHP Frameworks – the target was to get this done in an hour.

Firstly if they have a professional design I’m assuming there’s at least a bit of funding behind the project.
Secondly I do a simple search for AJAX in their documentation. If they don’t mention how to use the framework with AJAX then I’m not interested.

Name PHP Version Professional Design Search AJAX in Help Worth further investigation
(CodeIgniter clone)
5 Yes No No – more CodeIgniter jobs about
Yii 5 Yes Yes Yes
(CakePHP clone)
5.3 Yes No No – more CakePHP jobs about
Akelos 4 Yes No  
PHP on Trax
(based on Ruby on Rails)
? Not really No  
Fuel 5.3 Yes No  
Agile Toolkit 5.3 Yes Yes  
CodeIgniter 5.1.6 Yes No Yes
CakePHP (V2) 5.2.9 Yes No Yes
Solar 5.2 Yes No  
Rain 5 Yes A little  
Recess 5.2.4 Yes No  

PHP Micro frameworks:

  • DooPHP
  • Fat-Free Framework
  • Limondae
  • Slim

I looked in detail at Agile toolkit but ultimately found their documentation too limited.
Recess looked good because of its focus on RESTful API which is built in – however I’m also keen on built in validation which this doesn’t have yet.

In summary for me it boils down to 2 factors, is it popular framework where jobs are advertised as requiring that knowledge and/or is it going to give a big advantage in developing applications rapidly. I’m going to focus my efforts on CakePHP (I’ve already built an app using 1.2.6 and version 2 will be launched very soon), CodeIgniter, Yii and also Fat-Free Framework.

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