Best website to buy fuel efficient tyres

If you’ve used my tyre fuel saving calculator you may want to find the best deal on tyres with good ratings for fuel efficiency (rolling resistance) and wet grip. I’ve looked at some of the most popular websites for the UK and rated them for the tyre search features they provide. Filtering for tyres that are run flat and have rim protectors were also important for me.

Summary: none are amazing but I’m recommending as my favourite because it’s the only one where you can filter results by fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise level.

Results summary

The columns indicate what filters are present to help you narrow your search. Click a link to view what their search looks like.

Site Fuel efficiency Wet grip Noise level Run flat Rim protector My rating
ASDA Tyres Y * Y Y *
Just Tyres Y * Y Y **
National Tyres Y Y ***
Oponeo Y *
Tyres On The Y Y Y Y ****
Tyre Shopper Y *

Detailed results

ASDA Tyres

Arbitrary grouping based on price and the only useful search option is Run Flat.

In the ‘Tyre Type’ filter option you can choose ‘Run Flat’ or ‘Rim Protector’ but you can’t choose both.

Just Tyres

Just the single option for ‘Run-Flat’ tyres in the filters.


You can specify ‘run-flat’, ‘rim protector’ and ‘test winner’ in the filters but you cannot search for tyres by rating.
My initial search for 225/45 17 Summer tyres came up with 370 results so there’s a lot of work to search through them manually.

National Tyres

You can filter by fuel efficiency and wet grip ratings e.g. B or better.
You can’t specify other features like run flat or rim protector so it’s not perfect but still my second favourite option.


Only the single option for filtering with Run Flat tyres.

Tyres On The Drive

You can filter on all criteria on the EU tyre label: fuel efficiency, wet rating and decibel level.
The only feature it is missing is ‘rim protector’ which stops it from getting a perfect rating.

Tyre Shopper

Limited filtering options, the only useful one is ‘run flat’.


All these sites need more work for a truly user friendly tyre shopping experience, but Tyres on the Drive are the winners.

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    I’ll take this opportunity in the comment box to thank you sharing the fuel efficiency calculator and your research on the search via filters on the various websites that sell tyres..

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