Best website for buying a car privately

What is the best website to search if you are looking to buy a car privately?

I carried out a little bit of research – searching in a 30 mile radius for a Volkswagen Golf, here’s the results:

Site Trade Private
AutoTrader 293 23
Exchange & Mart 74 1
Gumtree 83 68
eBay* 51 10 256 0
Pistonheads 92 5


I would have thought that sites like eBay and Pistonheads would have been popular with private sellers but this isn’t the case. Exchange & Mart are much cheaper than AutoTrader but obviously not as popular with private sellers. The most prominent site to go to is Gumtree.

* eBay didn’t allow a 30 mile search radius so I had to use 25 instead.

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