Installing VirtualBox Guest Additions into Zenwalk

Zenwalk linux is designed to be fast, lightweight and run on older machines (so it is less resource intensive).

That makes it an ideal candidate if you need to run Linux in a Virtual Machine like the excellent VirtualBox.

To install new software into Zenwalk, you need to run Netpkg, and you will probably want to install the VirtualBox guest additions to take advantage of mouse pointer integration. Before installing the guest additions, you will need to install the kernelsource package, which contains the headers you need when the guest additions installer tried to compile.

Finding top level directory sizes with Linux

If you need to find out where the hard drive space on your Linux server has been taken up, here is a suggestion.

From the root directory if you use:

sudo du -h

You get an unmanageably long list of all the subdirectories on your system.
If you direct the output to a file however, you can use egrep to provide a useful summary, just showing the totals for the top level directories:

sudo du -h > ~/dirsize.txt
egrep ‘^[0-9.MKG]+[[:space:]]+./[a-z]+$’ dirsize.txt